Professional Coal Board Medicals for the Mining Industry

As the mining industry continues to boom, the employment opportunites in QLD, the rest of Australia and the world continue to flourish. A requirement of the Queensland Coal Board is for an employee to undergo a Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme Assessment prior to starting employment or attending a mine site. These medicals are required to be performed by a nominated medical advisor.

At HealthWorx we have nominated medical advisors available to complete your coal board medical and we are able to complete all of the requirements of the medical here in our clinic. The medical includes audiology and spirometry tests as well as other tests deemed necessary by the doctor.
After you have gained employment in the mining industry, Section  4 of the coal board medical will need to be completed and a drug and alcohol screen is required, sometimes along with a Chest XRay. Again HealthWorx is able to complete all of these requirements for you to gain access to the mining industry.

Things you need to know:
After you have booked an appointment with HealthWorx at Maroochydore, ensure that you arrive at least half an hour prior to your appointment. This is important to ensure that you have sufficient time to complete all the requirements of your medical assessment and that you can fill out all of the forms required.
Please bring along any documentation from your employer, any medication , tests or X rays that you may have had in the past and if you wear them, bring your glasses.

You will be required to pay for your medical on the day or your employer will arrange payment and then your documentation will be released to you and your employer

All coal mine workers in Queensland must have a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment completed on the approved form prior to working in a Queensland coal mine and thereafter at least once every 5 years.