Medical Assessment Services

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Healthworx is a Sunshine Coast company that provides a full range of Medical Assessment Services to Employers who are based here on the Sunshine Coast, Employers around Australia who have employees here on the Sunshine Coast and to all employees who choose to call the beautiful Sunshine Coast home.

Healthworx is pleased to announce a partnership with Coastal Physiotherapy to ensure that we can cover the whole market and continue to provide professional medical assessment services to our clients. With this new partnership, we can now provide pre-employment functional assessments through Coastal Physiotherapy located close by to ensure ease of delivery, a whole package of pre-employment services and the convenience of a single booking phone call.

Professional Coal Board Medicals for the Mining Industry

HealthWorx provides Coal Board Medicals or Coal Mine Workers’ Health Scheme Assessments – Interim and Full. Although the expression ‘Coal Board Medical’ is not the correct term for a Coal Mine Workers Health Assessment most people and companies simple refer to it as a ‘Coal Board Medical’ or ‘Mining Medical Certificate’. The term ‘Coal Board Medical Certificate’ is an historical relic widely used by non-specialist providers, that has come in to common usage by the mining industry.

Pre-Employment Medicals and Pre-employment Functional Assessments

Healthworx offers a full range of services to employers based on the Sunshine Coast or those who have potential employees on the Sunshine Coast. Pre-employment medicals are an important addition to the recruitment process to be able to screen potential employees for issues that may cause your company problems in the future. Combined with a drug and alcohol screen and hearing and lung function testings, it is a powerful tool for employers in reviewing potential employees.

HealthWorx provides to employers:

  • Pre-Employment Medical Assessment
  • Pre-Employment Functional Assessments
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Audiometry and Spirometry
  • Employee Workplace Assessments
  • Workplace Immunisations
  • Mobile and Tailored Services
  • Dive Medicals

Our doctors are qualified to provide Dive Medical Certificates for both recreational divers and professional diver medical certificates.